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  • Alison Walden

    Alison Walden

    CPWA Certified Accessibility professional, front end development, technology leadership, user experience, random haiku poems.

  • Eric Elliott

    Eric Elliott

    Make some magic. #JavaScript

  • Onoufrios Malikkides

    Onoufrios Malikkides

    Software developer, writer, speaker, photographer.

  • Raissa Correia

    Raissa Correia

    Just a brazillian fullstack dev, who loves applying IT into education

  • Rajesh Naroth

    Rajesh Naroth

    Frontend Architect, San Jose, CA

  • Santosh Rajan

    Santosh Rajan

    Founder Programmer for over 30 years. Making better programmers is my passion. Bangalore. India.

  • Sara Wegman

    Sara Wegman

    Front-end developer based in the Hague. Programmer behind and Wellesley '16

  • Hemil Patel

    Hemil Patel

    I am a front-end programmer and I love JavaScript!

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